Chama Chair

Silently spins around

(Dead Quiet 360° swiveling)

Levels to any ground

(Ever-Level telescoping leg design)

It is my view that CHAMA is reinventing the hunting chair in much the same way we reinvented the cooler – by assessing each and every component for function and performance without worrying about how others have done it in the past or undue cost. First and foremost, people want performance. That’s what you’ll get with CHAMA.Roy Seiders – Founder & Chairman of YETI Coolers

CHAMA lets you set up where you want to, regardless of terrain or slant.
CHAMA is the absolute best ground blind chair ever made!
CHAMA is ideal for waterfowlers. It allows you to silently turn to shoot exiting birds.

CHAMA is a turkey hunter’s best friend. It’s far more comfortable than sitting against a tree. (And you sit up higher so you can see better, too.)

CHAMA Thunder Chickens
You’ll love your CHAMA chair so much, you’ll use it everywhere.