Amazing Features


Amazing Features

CHAMA will make other hunting chairs obsolete

“Nobody Does That” Durability

A CHAMA chair is built to last. We cut no corners on components and spare no expense on design. Maybe that’s why, when we demand the highest-quality components from our factory, their response is usually, “But, nobody does that.” We do!

“Oh-So-Light” Construction

Cheap folding chairs don’t weigh much because they don’t do much. Fancy hunting chairs tend to weigh a lot — twice as much as a CHAMA chair — thereby limiting their usefulness. A CHAMA chair is constructed of premium aluminum and high-grade glass-injected nylon, allowing it to weigh in at just over 7 lbs. That means you get unmatched performance and durability, yet easy portability.

“Always Easy” Tube-Style Storage Bag

They say you can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube. Well, we promise it will be easy to get your CHAMA chair back into our hardy tube bag, even in the dark. The rolled backrest fits into one pocket, leaving a second pocket for other gear. Shoulder strap included.

chama chair bag